Another Outage

Much better! Making progress…

And next… as @nigeldalton states so elegantly… how can we get quick responses at the first sign of an outage? Once again, it felt too long before we started getting updates today.

We appreciate you working into your evening.

not POP outage just simply not showing the mail. In Brave or Edge. Not the first time. Settings also could not be accessed. Internal error 500 ?!
I will not renew at the end of the year.

Hi @2022abc and welcome to the community.

The errors you saw were unfortunately a consequence of our system administrators fixing another issue, as described here: [Monitoring] Web access issues – Runbox Service Status

We are continuing working to scale our infrastructure to handle growth in our customer base and overall traffic, and apologize for these growing pains affecting you and other customers.

We appreciate you taking the time to post here in our forum and can assure you we are working around the clock to prevent further incidents.

– Geir

A little late to this thread, but I have also experienced many of these issues/outages over the past few weeks. It would be helpful to have more real-time updates as to what is going on and ETA to restoration of services. Via Twitter would be most useful IMHO but there may not be the necessary resources to do this.

Nevertheless, I regularly receive IMAP errors on my mobile device at least a few times a week and it would be nice to have those resolved permanently.

Just looking around a bit, other providers similar to Runbox also experience DOS attacks and are not immune to service hiccups. Even the big providers we’re seeking to avoid like Gmail and Outlook have outages now and then, but they likely have many more built-in redundancies at-scale.