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The new webmail app is going to be great, but there are (as expected) a few glitches in the transition. First I did a compose with the new app, but when I got to the recipient email address, there was no autofill, so I had to go to the “Contacts” list. Then I chose the recipient and clicked the “Email”. This took me to the old Compose screen to compose and send the message. To return the the Inbox, I clicked on “Webmail”, which took me back to the old webmail.
So that makes two problems: (1) no address completion (autofill), and (2) getting from the “Contacts” list back to the new Compose screen.
Firefox 58.0.1
Mac OSX 10.13.3

Hello Barry,

The To address field should look trough your emails and use those names and email addresses it can find for autocomplete. So it does not currently use the RMM6 contacts for this at all.

All the settings pages still need to be created in the new interface and we have not started on that work yet, but we are coming to that stage soon.


OK. I understand the step-wise development (being a programmer myself).

Here is another related (and broken) sequence: select a folder other than Inbox (mine is named ‘Provision’); open an email; click on the Reply icon; write the reply; send it. So far, so good; but then the area for the list of emails is blank, even though the Provision folder is highlighted and there are five messages in it.

So if I’m understanding this correctly, you’re saying that as I’m typing in the ‘To’ field, Runbox should find any email addresses from previous mails (either sent or received) matching what I’m typing, then autofill (just like the awesome new search feature).

Is that correct?

If so, it’s not working for me. I have no autofill at all for the To field, in the new webmail (it did work in the old webmail).



It only works that way if you have a local index, currently. We have discussed two options for this:

  1. Adding this function when using a server index also
  2. Use CardDAV for this either as a replacement or as a addition to the names and email addresses in the Index.


Could you do this in a new thread, please? :slight_smile:


Done -> “Composing problem 2”



Not working for me.
I have 200+ messages to/from, all in a dedicated folder. When trying to compose a new message to this correspondent, I start typing leav in the To: field and nothing is found. lea finds another address with this string included, but again not the one I’m after.

To avoid excessive matches, the entered string only matches addresses beginning with the string.

  • Geir

Another retrograde step: there is no such restriction in RB6.

We are planning to make improvements to this and are taking your comments into consideration.

  • Geir

Ok, here’s a related issue, I can submit a new thread if needed…

When I use the autofill for the ‘To’ address, once I select the email, I am no longer able to tab past that field. Tab is just stuck on that field - have to use the mouse to click on a different field.

Whereas, if I manually type in the ‘To’ address without selecting the choice(s) that autofill gives me, I can tab forward (and backwards) through all the fields. So after manually entering the address I can tab through CC, BCC, Subject, on down into the message body.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this the way it’s designed to work after autofilling?


Same here…

The current interface doesn’t suffer from this problem.

Which browser/version are you using when this happens?

  • Geir

Any developments on this?

Last update I can find on this is July:

We’re currently evaluating alternatives for a new CardDAV implementation strategy involving an integration with the existing contacts database used in Runbox 6.

It’s important that we take the time to get this right to avoid compatibility or migration issues in the future, but it’s high on our list of priorities and progress is being made.

– Geir