[Feature Request] Release notes readable by mere (non-programmer) mortals

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing RB7’s evolution, and can only imagine how awesome it will be by the time it finally becomes the default (or even only) option.

But every time we are informed of an update, the resulting list of commits at GitHub are so technical that I can only understand a subset of them.

Is there somewhere we can go (or a mailing list to which we can subscribe) to read about new features as they are released? THAT would be a huge improvement, and I imagine it would get a lot of people much more excited about RB7. :slight_smile:

Hi @wmrbf,

Thanks for your message – we thoroughly appreciate your enjoyment!

We’ve been discussing this internally and we are looking at ways to make the Runbox 7 changelog more readable, as currently the commit log is the only place to find the complete upgrade history.

It’s important to us that you and others are informed and involved in what we are doing, so we will at least try to make the commit messages more understandable!

We are planning to make Runbox 7 the default webmail for new users on December 7, so you can imagine we are rather busy fixing the remaining issues. :wink:

Thanks again for your suggestions and support! :smiley:

– Geir