Multiple Issues in 7

The old, plainer version has New/Total columns READABLE vs Icon…
The old, plainer version has Folder Mgmt, Usage, Create folder in a convenient location
While the click-on-a-mail for 3 pane may be convenient vs a new tab, I prefer the old
But most seriously,
In Runbox 7 webmail, three-fourths of the folders’s I’ve created are not onscreen to
review for drag-drop, making at best RSI inefficiency as I move the mouse twice as
much to determine the target folder, and at worst a forgetting of the three-fourths of
the folder’s existence, some of which are family members, work related, housing
related, not to mention a disincentive to create new folders for expediency in future
webmail usage.
As this is my primary email portal, this seems a serious setback almost like,
a loss of IMAP capability or a forced cellphone-only transition.
So can webmail 6 users keep their webmail intact, at least? ???

Thanks for your message.

We may add layout/theme options in order to for instance condense the folder list in the future, but in the meantime perhaps using your browser’s zoom level might be useful in order to decrease distance between folder entries.

– Geir

Same here. Of course we can discuss various details (which I will do as long as my time allows this). But the main thing is that we are trapped by “collective punishment” because people believe that literally everything is always used by smartphone users.

As it is not possible to reply to your OpenSource post I ask here:

  • Will RMM6 stay in service?
  • Will you make RMM6 open source? So that individuals or some collective can (slightly modernize and) use the desktop PC aligned RMM6.

We like to think of development as “collective reward” or a win-win situation, but we appreciate that there is a balance to be found.

Yes, for the foreseeable future.

RMM6 is not well suited for open sourcing due to its long history of organic growth, while Runbox 7 is built with modern technologies using frameworks and coding standards compatible with open source principles.

– Geir

I for one would pay a surcharge [ 20 percent ] to have the runbox 6 be
used forever still, and users be able to switch between/sign up for either.
like, Runbox 7 40$ USD
Runbox 6 48$ USD…

takk skal de ha.