0/0 Inbox RMM7 Web Mail

Good morning,

After copying email using Thunderbird from one mail account to another the webmail Inbox is now showing 0/0 mails. When I use Thunderbird I can see 600+ mail without a problem in the Inbox and other folders also show mail as expected.

I’ve had a similar problem in the past with RMM6, possibly mailsync or index related?

I have addition observations which I will post in another topic.



Is it correct to assume that the messages are showing in your Inbox in Runbox 7 and that only the message counts are wrong?

Have the numbers corrected themselves, and if not, can you try to stop and restart index synchronization?

– Geir

Hi Geir,

It just looks like the message count does not show up correctly. Message count when looking at email in Thunderbird etc. seems OK,

Indexing has never been used with RMM7 Beta, please bear in mind problem also shows in RMM6.

I’ve now tried with indexing and it makes no difference to the situation. Is it possible the influence is mainly from RMM6?