2 Problems [either bug or feature]

  1. I want to limit the number of emails, or the dates in which my android email app can sync. Having over 19k emails means I’m getting too many emails every time my app syncs.
    IE I want to limit my email app to only seeing the newest 1,000 emails
    OR I want to only sync the last year of emails.

  2. The email date being displayed in RB7 shows today but the email header shows from 2015. HOW do I have the display date to reflect the header date? the 19k+ emails isn’t organized as actually new email is being shuffled with old email.

It’s possible that 1. wont actually work without 2. being fixed.

How do I force Filters? I have 19k emails in my Inbox and want filters to move them but the Filters seems to only work on new email.

For bugs:

  1. when trying to Select All emails the Mark as Read fails (again with over 19k)

  2. I’m also seeing a total of 33k emails when my last provider only showed 19k+.

I just checked my Starbucks folder and I have 2k emails now with 1500 unread. Yesterday or the day before, I managed to get all 1500 read. Sorting by subject, it seems the POP is duplicating emails i’ve already synced. example: I see 2 emails indicating I have 597 stars saved up.

Hello @Jetah and welcome to the Runbox community!

To your first message:

  1. The message index is split into several partitions, currently up to 50 000 messages each as this is a sensible size for a majority of Runbox accounts. Although using a local index performs better you can choose to not utilize it, which means that the app instead will query the server on each action.

  2. Incorrect timestamps can occur after importing email from external sources, and can be corrected by our staff if you contact Runbox Support with your username.

Filters currently only affect incoming email, but you may use the search function to identify messages you wish to move. If you need to move a large number of similar messages you may contact Runbox Support and a technician might be able to assist you with this.

– Geir

@Jetah Regarding your second message concerning the number of messages in your account, our staff will be happy to investigate this provided your Runbox username.

– Geir

[edit] yeah i misunderstood something.

I’m saying that the system isn’t doing the ‘mark as read’ with 19k emails. it’ll get some of them or it’ll bug out by blinking the unread numbers. even in a folder with less than 2k emails it wont always work. what i have to do is close the tab, open runbox webpage and then it might be marked as read or it might not.

also, is there a way to limit how many emails will sync with my android gmail app? i dont need 7 years of emails, maybe the last 2 years.