A few UI Items [#584, #706]


New to the beta - I see where this is going and I think it’s going to be a great experience!

I’m using FF on Win10.

A few things that hit me right away…there may already be work going on for these.

  1. HTML tick box - when I select to default to HTML all the time, the tick box at the top of each message remains and is kind of annoying. But, more importantly, when I logout, and then back in again (I clear my cache when the browser closes), my selection isn’t remembered. shouldn’t that be a user server-side setting?

  2. Preview pane - loses memory that I set it to be below the message list. Same thing - logout/login, I get a side preview default and have to change it every time.

  3. When I delete messages, there is a long delay of several seconds before they disappear from the message list.

  4. Folders - I would love to be able to collapse subfolders into folders as in the original UI.

Hello and thanks for your message (and apologies for the belated reply)!

Let me answer your questions one by one:

  1. I see the issues you describe with HTML display preferences and we’re discussing options with our developers now.

  2. As 1.

  3. Working on this in issue #706.

  4. Working on this in issue #584.

  • Geir
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I’d also found useful if you could address #1 and #2.
I’d add that the “Show threaded conversations” tick in the inbox behave the same and I think it should be saved across sessions as well.


A new version is now in production where the HTML checkbox is hidden if set to always show HTML. The checkbox has also been moved to the right with reduced font size.

Furthermore, we’ve added an HTML menu item for changing the setting when the HTML checkbox is hidden.

– Geir

Collapsible folders (issue #584) is now available in production.

– Geir