Ability to open messages in a new tab

This is my second try to use the beta for daily work.
I have to say it seems a lot of stuff is working better than the last time I tried, congrats for the hard work.

However I don’t think it is ready for day to day use just yet, still a long way to go in terms of usability…

One thing I use a lot in runbox 6 and I cannot do here is opening emails in a new tab.
It is really useful to open a bunch of mails quickly, read and delete them.
Doing the same with runbox 7 is really clumsy and time consuming.

Same for deleting, and moving emails to folders, everything is more time consuming with this new interface… right click menus, ability to drag and drop a selection of messages or keyboard shortcuts could solve a bit of that…

It makes me wonder, do you actually have people using the email client in the team?
Because a lot of the stuff I’m seeing is so obvious if you actually use the client for a minute…
especially if you have been using runbox 6 for a while, you notice how much slower you do a lot of the repetitive stuff you do all the time with a webmail client.

Anyway, keep up the great work, really happy you guys added the calendar, hoping you give us a way to add file space so I can ditch dropbox and the like! :slight_smile:

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Hi @carlos and thanks for your message.

We are considering adding a tab-like interface, and we’re also looking at other ways of making this part of the interface more efficient such as a Message Desk which would emulate a desktop (similar to the Draft Desk).

Our team is using Runbox 7 extensively and if you are used to Runbox 6 it might take a bit of getting used to – but then you will find that it’s significantly more efficient than Runbox 6 for most tasks (especially listing and searching messages).

I sometimes go back to Runbox 6 and use both in parallel, but we intend to make Runbox 7 so fast, efficient, and user-friendly that you won’t need to look back.

Appreciate your continued feedback as we continue working to make Runbox 7 the fastest and best webmail app on the planet! :smiley:

– Geir

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