Accessibility [#637, #827]


I hope to help you. Here are my advices:

  1. Insert “Tags” (I have seen that there is a discussion about this problem)

2) Accessibility: I think that it could be ok if you insert a button to enlarge and/or reduce a text. Also you could create a version with specific coulour, text and so on for people with eye problems

  1. Appearence and customization: allow users to choose color, font (this is not very important, so you can work about this at a later time)

I am using my mail from pc and android phone and I have no problems :slight_smile:

See you soon!

Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions!

Tags are already planned, and functionality for increasing/decreasing text size is of course something we need.

Theming is a bit more challenging due to the advanced technology behind the message list in particular, but it’s something we’ll look into.

  • Geir

Working on functionality for increasing/decreasing font size in issue #827.

  • Geir

Having just gotten on the beta, I’m trying to catch-up as to what’s been discussed. I use tags quite a bit, so good to hear that they are on the roadmap.