Account freezed of my acquaintanceand the problem with his alias

related to that topic:

thank you for having answered him.
That’s my firstp oint.
The second point, on his behalf he did register quite a few services with the aliases registered into his account. You claimed that his account has been deleted but apparently it is not since the aliases are still unavailable so I can’t even help him retrieve access to his services. And as your colleague Dave I think, knows since he answered him the last by mail, you know the situation was critical and since your mails are not encrypted you can even read it yourself.
So could you at least make a temporary redirection for one of the aliases?

The only response we can give here is that whoever the account holder is they need to contact us via our main support channel as we can only deal with account specific questions there and we can only discuss accounts with the account holder themselves.

For the record, accounts that are closed, suspended or deleted do not have the main address or aliases made available again for privacy reasons as someone else could sign up using them and then receive email for the person who previously used the address.

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