Action Buttons for Selected Items

I notice that when I select messages using the radio buttons, three new buttons pop up; Spam, Move to Folder, and Move to Trash.

That’s great - except the pop up buttons are way off in the opposite corner of the screen - lower right.

Is there any way to get those pop up buttons at the top, near where I am selecting, say under the search bar? That would be much more efficient.

Thanks for the suggestion.

We will consider this, but we would like to avoid hiding the most recent messages near the top which are the ones a user typically focuses on.

  • Geir

Well I didn’t even notice these 3 buttons…
I agree they should be placed elsewhere.

Thanks for the consideration. It’s not a huge deal for me at the moment, since typically I am not deleting multiple message at a time through Webmail. But if I ever lose Thunderbird and have to go web mail alone, that would change things… :slight_smile: