Actions applicable to full threads in a threaded view

In a threaded view only one message (last?) gets deleted/read/unread when the thread is selected. I would argue this should apply to the whole thread. Maybe with a warning when done the first time?

This seems to apply to all actions (move, read/unread, delete).

What do you (users) think? What do you (developers) intend?

Hi @ondra,

I agree that deleting or moving a thread should affect all messages in the thread, Marking messages as read/unread is somewhat different as one might want to retain this status.

I have expanded this issue to include moving threads as well as deleting them:

– Geir

Hello @Geir, i understand your reasoning but must say i’m not on the same wave :wink: Toggling unread a full tread or just some messages are both useful. The major SW i know (which is not many) allow to mark as unread the whole tread. (Outlook will mark unread only the messages i received, not the sent ones.) Some allow to select and toggle from this message onward (gmail, useful).

Actions should behave the same, move or unread toggle, otherwise we risk confusion (checkbox + action = tread, on message pane = message).