Activate webdav access for files as well?

Hi there,

I learnt very recently that you can use caldav with runbox as an alternative to other online calendars, which I think is amazing and I think you guys should make sure people know about.
Runbox as an almost complete replacement for other less private services is a great selling point!

Anyway, I learnt about with the contacts and the calendar, however I was suprissed when I realized the access to files is not activated.
Is that something you guys would think about at some point?
It would be amazing and I definitely would buy more files space if I could access it via webdav.


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Hello Carlos,

Yes, this is something we would consider for the future, but no final decisions have been made yet. At the moment our DAV services don’t have access to your files storage. We are also making some decisions about how to move forward with CalDAV and CardDAV at the moment as we are not entirely happy with the implementation we have right now. I suspect a decision about files access would be made after we are happy with the contacts and calendar service.

Thanks for your interest though. It’s useful to know that there might be people who want this feature :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, that would be incredibly useful.
It’s really hard to find reliable services for all these independent bits.
I have been impressed with your email for years, so I would be a very happy camper if I could consolidate all those services with you guys :smile:
I’m guessing a lot of runbox clients are quite privacy conscious so I would be surprised if I’m the only one interested in these services :sweat_smile:

Hello Dave,
whats the problem with Sabre CalDAV and CardDAV?
I use them bothe since CalDAV was implemented and it works impeccably.
I suppose that implementing Files WebDAV you will sell a lot of disk space…

This isn’t universally the experience of customers, though it is good to know that it is working for you as that is valuable feedback. There are features the current installation doesn’t support such as sharing calendars. We are working on some options, some of which still involve SabreDAV.