Active links plus other formatting limitations


I can’t see how to get active URLs into an HTML message body.

With RB6 I am used to clicking on a link icon in the formatting bar to create them, but RB7 does not have that.

Other email clients automatically interpret strings starting “http://” as URLs and format them as such which is of course much faster.

Is this a feature that has been left out deliberately?

On the subject of the formatting bar, when can we expect to see this expanded to include bulleted & numbered lists along with other formatting options?



I don’t think you’ve had a reply to this suggestion yet. Sorry about that.

Can you just confirm that you mean you want to write some text and then make the text a link itself?

I ask because if you just include the link text itself most email system will convert that to a link at the reader’s end. That’s why I think you mean making the text itself a link like you would find in web pages.


Having just made an email including a bare link, I can confirm, based on my Sent folder, that the link was clickable.

I think you are correct that the OP is referring to making a hyperlink. That’s definitely what I wanted to do. I wanted my recipient to click on “this article” instead of the bare link. I then realized that’s not currently possible, and found this old thread.


It would be helpful if the RB editor automatically applied standard formatting to links (blue, underlined) as it would confirm to the composer that the link construction was correct (easy to miss out one ‘/’ or accidently add a space).

Of course, the ability to add hyperlinked text as described by you & Will would be very handy as well, but I think that is less common in email editors?

Don’t forget bulleted & numbered lists…


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I wholeheartedly support this in addition to my own suggestion.