address of the mobile interface [#760]

A fundamental question: is the mobile interface accessible via the “standard” one: ?
If not, what’s the address?

You can use that URL on any mobile device, but it does have some bugs still. We decided to focus less on the mobile compatibility before the start of the beta to get it going.

The plan is to package Runbox7 as a app for Android and iOS before general availability.


Ok, the bugs are indeed the same as in the non-mobile interface, so at least you are consistent :wink:

I asked the question because there is a separate mobile interface sub-forum (or whatever it’s called…).

Yes, that’s a fair point. I’ve renamed this sub-forum to “Mobile Devices” now.

I don’t know whether “t it does have some bugs still” includes the following behaviour, observed on two different brands of smartphone, one running Android 6, another Android 7. Tried Firefox Focus, Chrome and Adblock browser, results are the same.

The login page looks great, nothing to moan about. Just after login I see the following:

which cannot be scrolled sideways.

After clicking the “hamburger” in the top left corner I get this screen:

again, not-scrollable left-right, and no way to hide the folder list.

Clicking the blue “Runbox 7” logo/button, takes me to a dead end:

Two days later, and still no reaction from Runbox staff :rolleyes:

Thanks for the feedback.

We will be tweaking the mobile interface going forward wrt responsiveness and scrollbars.

To hide the folder pane/menu, simply click or tap outside of the pane.

We have added an issue for the broken link in the menu.

  • Geir