Afraid to try 7

If I try 7 and don’t like it, will I be able to easily figure out how to return to 6?
Last time I tried 7 it was like a carnival with things moving and flashing everywhere. Makes me dizzy, gives me a head ache. 6 does that, too, but no where near as bad. AND the last time I tried 7, I had a hard time getting back to 6. Suddenly 7 was the default, and I had to put a special url to 6 in my bookmarks.

The current URL for Runbox 7 - - has a check box ‘Use Runbox 6’ in the login box.

I would suggest to save 2 bookmarks in your browser - one for each version.

@higginb0tham As @FredOnline online said there are two addresses:

Runbox 7: Runbox 7

Runbox 6:

You can switch between them without having to log out and back in again.