Alias vs Sub-Account vs Multi-Domain Account

I have created a trial account for my custom domain utilizing my primary business email address and am wondering which Runbox plan I should choose.

I would like to create another email address on that same domain, but have it go to its own inbox. Would this be an alias or a sub-account?

I own another domain that I would like to add to Runbox that would have its own inbox. Could I do this if my main account was Runbox Mini with 5 email domains, or would it be a sub-account?

From Runbox support…

"It sounds like the Mini plan might be a good idea. You can then add the two domains to your main account and create sub-accounts that have their own Inbox and username/password on those domains.

I think for both of the additional accounts you mention sub-accounts are the best (and cheapest) option as you can create sub-accounts on any domain hosted on your account. Thank you."