Allow sorting of Trash Folder

Please allow sorting of Trash Folder by ‘From’ and ‘Subject’. This was available in Runbox 6.

Hello @dgsimm and welcome to the forum!

Sorting by column is currently only available when using the local synchronized index, which can be activated by using the button at the bottom of the folder pane.

Part of the reason for this is that Runbox 7 supports endless message lists, and retrieving very long lists from the servers would be inefficient at best.

– Geir

I am afraid you have not answered my question. The local synchronized index is activated. Sorting by column is NOT AVAILABLE in the TRASH folder. It is available in other folders. Like I said earlier, sorting by column in the TRASH folder is available in RUNBOX 6.

The Trash and Spam folders are currently not part of the index as it would dramatically increase the average index size and decrease the app’s performance. Therefore these data are retrieved from the database and my previous reply explains why this could cause issues in Runbox 7.

We agree that such functionality would be useful and may consider alternatives for implementing it if feasible.

– Geir