"An unknown error has occurred" with login - lost access to the account SOLVED

The red message " An unknown error has occurred.
Please contact Runbox Support"

comes with every web mail login.
Because my subscription needs renewal, I urgently have to login . But it fails, for about 2 weeks now.

Iā€™m afraid to eventually be already loosing incoming mails.

The support did not yet react for two weeks, or they eventually answered to my mail account which is not accessible anymore :wink:

How to get back access and renew the subscription ?
Thank you very much.

The support has already answered, sorry!
I repeatedly used (mailadress)@runbox.org erroneously to login , while *.com is working.

The red error message does still appear.
Eventually, that should be fixed because it is really irritating.

But below that red error message, additionally, a link for the subscription renewal is shown now.
Thank you !

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Rubber duck debugging - Wikipedia Just need to buy a rubber duck & talk to it. :rofl: