Android email app with full cache of all emails?


Hi !

I look for an android email app that would allow to fully cache a large imap email account (several GB, thousands of email).
This is for best search performance when I look for an email that is 5 or 10years old :slight_smile:
An app with a very good “imap online search” may be ok too (maildroid is sometime missing stuff if not in the right directory…)

I tested a few apps (maildroid, bluemail, aquamail), but I was not able to find one that allows to fully cache a big imap account.

I’m open to any suggestions :slight_smile:

This is not a Runbox specific question, but I hope it fits as “email topic” in this section of the forum.

This morning I figured out that maybe what I look for is a pop access :thinking: , But I want to keep “multiple device” access (from phone, computer etc…) and keep my email on server.


Hi @poule,

This is exactly the challenge the Runbox 7 app solves with the synchronized message search index and incremental search, which performs much faster than an IMAP client. :wink:

– Geir