Android email app with full cache of all emails?


Hi !

I look for an android email app that would allow to fully cache a large imap email account (several GB, thousands of email).
This is for best search performance when I look for an email that is 5 or 10years old :slight_smile:
An app with a very good “imap online search” may be ok too (maildroid is sometime missing stuff if not in the right directory…)

I tested a few apps (maildroid, bluemail, aquamail), but I was not able to find one that allows to fully cache a big imap account.

I’m open to any suggestions :slight_smile:

This is not a Runbox specific question, but I hope it fits as “email topic” in this section of the forum.

This morning I figured out that maybe what I look for is a pop access :thinking: , But I want to keep “multiple device” access (from phone, computer etc…) and keep my email on server.


Hi @poule,

This is exactly the challenge the Runbox 7 app solves with the synchronized message search index and incremental search, which performs much faster than an IMAP client. :wink:

– Geir


Hi Geir,

I fully agree that search speed is an nice feature of Runbox7.
But…while I’m pretty convinced Runbox7 will become a great webmail, I must admit I’m not really convinced by the android “webapp” concept.

That’s not the purpose of this thread, but maybe I have to develop a bit my thinking. There are always some feature missing (in my opinion) with using “a webmail” as an “app”, like customisations options, or some key function like swipe to delete, or the “back” button management (for example, if you open an email et hit the android back button, it will quit the Runbox app instead of closing the email et going back to email list.)

In the mean time, I found a couple of apps that sync my whole imap account. If some are interested, here are my findings:

  • K-9 (I try Librem mail which is a fork of K9) : it sync all my folders and search function is really really fast. ( main issue to me is that K9 does not support “swipe to delete” I mentionned earlier…this make the app sligthly “vintage”).
  • FairEmail: sync all folders, but search remain pretty slow (much slower than Runbox7).
    But except this, the app is pretty nice to use.