Another outage!

I have been with Fastmail for years. I never experienced an outage. I moved to Runbox a few months ago and on a couple of occasions already I have been unable to access my email. This morning, Thursday 26 October 2023, I cannot do what I have done every morning and check my email and act on messages I receive. The service is down. Again. I set up two sub accounts for my son and daughter-in-law using my own domain so moving back to Fastmail could prove difficult. I am seriously thinking of doing this though. Not having access to something as important as email is unacceptable to me.

We agree. Unfortunately if you’ve had a couple of instances of issues since joining it’s a case of you catching us at a bad time I’m afraid. Service quality is usually very stable and obviously we don’t cause outages on purpose.

In this case the outage was caused by something unexpected in an upgrade to our system that makes our service more secure. It was resolved fairly promptly and the service has been stable for a few hours now. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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