Archive folder hidden in Thunderbird

I have tried Em Client, Windows Email and then Runbox 7, but I recently switched to Thunderbird 102.

My problem is that I now have an Archives folder which is being used to archive emails from Thunderbird and the old Archive folder from Runbox 7 is empty. If I look on Runbox 7 it has thousands of emails.

Any ideas for a fix? There is an old fix involving “subscriptions” in an old version Thunderbird, but that option has gone now.

Hello @Cheynio,

You say that in Thunderbird there is no subscription option, but I still see an option which usually fixes that issue in my copy of Thunderbird. We have some instructions regarding it here:

Does that help at all? If not I suggest you open a support ticket at and we can look at getting your IMAP folders cleaned up for you.

Thank you very much. The screens have changed significantly in the latest versions of Thunderbird, which confused me, but the subscription option is still there. Thanks so much!