Arrange Runbox 7 Mail Folders in Specfic Order


Is it possible to organise / arrange folders in a custom way (i.e. I can drag / command them into my own order)? I have searched both in the app and on the forum but am not able to locate any directions.

Thanks very much!


Hi @poudaduk and thanks for your message.

Organizing folders in a custom order is currently not supported, but we may add this to our to-do list if it becomes a popular request. :slight_smile:

– Geir

This is such a basic feature, how can it not be available?

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I am also in favour of being able to arrange folders in an order that I choose rather than just alphabetically. I wonder though, which webmail interfaces have you used where this is available? It would be interesting to try some out so that we can see what you are used to using elsewhere.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the response (and indeed, thanks everyone). I would like to see this, but it isn’t a show-stopper by any means.

In regards to Webmail, I haven’t - I was a previous Gmail user. I do use Thunderbird at home, and there is an add-on where I can arrange folders on my computer. I find that very useful.

Thanks again for the response - I won’t waste time trying to find the feature!

Hi. Yes, I know the Thunderbird plugin you mean as it also lets you arrange the order of accounts. I also know that in Apple Mail I can re-arrange the folders. I was mostly curious if @jFhbnx had seen this in other web interfaces as they seemed so sure that it was a basic function. We could then have a look and see what sort of functionality our customers might want that they’ve seen before.