Assigning domains to sub-account

How to assign specific domains to sub-accounts so users can create alias selecting the domain from their assigned domains?

Thanks for your help!


Thanks for your message and welcome to the forum.

Sub-accounts can only create aliases on domains if the main username of the account is on a domain you are hosting in your main account. The sub-account can then only create aliases on that domain.

However, we realise this is limiting for some people so we enabled the main account to also create aliases on any domain (as usual) but specify the “deliver to” address as a sub-account. In this way the sub-account can use the domain for incoming and outgoing mail, but the main account controls the use of this.


Hi Dave! If you need to split that message in another thread please do it and sorry for revive

I had problems using my own domain, nobody couldn’t send me e-mails and DNS was ok. Neither I can’t select my own domain in sub-accounts.

I opened a support ticket but it stucked for 3 days without response and maybe it could just don’t arrive to my account (because it was inaccessible).

What can we do in that case?
Thanks for your time!

Hello @Someguy. Have you had a reply from us yet? We should have replied by now if we’ve seen your message. If you haven’t had a reply try creating a support ticket at https://support ticket again and then let me know here when that’s done and I’ll look for it. Thank you.