Automatic forward

where and how it is possible to set up automatic email forward to another address (out of Runbox domain)?

Thank you

Hello @Valdo,

You can use a forward or redirect filter to do this. We have a help page here: Forwarding Email Using Filters. Please note that there is a difference between these two kinds of filter.

Thank you Dave.

I’m also trying to setup forwarding. I am in the filter section and I see how to make it match an email to forward out. But I want an unconditional forward, I want it to forward all email. When I leave something blank like FROM CONTAINS <empty> and hit save the page doesn’t save the filter, I don’t see it show up. Any tips on how to have unconditional forwarding?

You can do this two ways. With a filter you can just use the @ symbol as all from and to email address will include that symbol. You can also forward all email that would normally end up in your Inbox by using the “Access” tab and set up forwarding there. Just be aware that using this option does not include messages that you filter out to folders or redirect elsewhere with other filters.

The access tab is exactly what I needed, thank you!