Backup and empty

My Runbox is full, is there a way to:

  1. Back up my current data, e.g. to an .mbx file

2 )Delete the current data


If you’re on Windows, I recommend MailStore Home.

Hi Fredonline Can you tell me if you know if the programs saves on the computer or on the cloud. Just what I am looking for too. Thanks

I save to my computer, then I copy the backup files to an external HDD and my network (NAS) drive.

As regarding file hosting (to the cloud), MailStore Home says:

File hosting services like Dropbox are not suitable for creating backups of the archive. These programs are accessing the archive data at the same time as MailStore Home, potentially corrupting the files and making the archive inaccessible.

that is basically what I want in the program. Great. Thanks for getting back to me

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