BCC to yourself - is it possible with Runbox?

I’m trying to setup a scheme that for select messages, when I add my alias as BCC this will trigger a filter and I will get a message as reminder in special folder.

BCC is sent but the incoming message has To: header set to original account, instead of alias, so there is no option to recognize if it’s special.

Is this limitation of emails itself or runbox ?

Hello @DawidGoslawski

This can be done by using the “header” option in the filters as the BCC address will be included in the header somewhere but not in the To: or CC: header as you say. I hope that’s helpful.

Hi Dave,

Unfortunately when I use BCC, the incoming email has no special header, regardless if I send it from Runbox6 or Thunderbird. There is only the “Received:” header chain that has a lot of data and among them is that alias, but it’s only one of 4 these headers. There is no special BCC header that would show the receiving.

Regardless, the problem that I want to challenge seems not solvable using Runbox server-based filtering. It does not allow for adding more than one conditional to single email, like gmail or thunderbird local filters do.I must have two rules - one for To: and one for From: header to see if email is forwarded to myself as note or something else.

That’s correct. There is no header adding during the sending process otherwise BCC recipients would be revealed to all recipients just like how the CC header works. What I was saying is that you can use the “header” option to find the address amongst the other headers as it will appear there when Runbox adds these other headers when a message is received.

(Note: There is a BCC header on the message copied to the Sent folder so that you can see who you sent the message to)

Yes, that’s something we are looking to change in a future upgrade. There is no date for that yet though.

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I would create a server-side condition for that.

You would select From and include the email address you’re sending from, and select “copy to” and select a folder you want it to be saved to.
You could also create a client-side condition that stars emails that have certain words in the subject or body so that they always appear in the “Favorites” folder of your email client.

By default, you technically get a copy of every email you send in Sent Items.