Blurry interface (text not sharp)

Hello !

It seems I am getting blurry fonts using firefox in windows10, on a HD screen. You can see below Inbox is sharp, while the titles of the messages are blurry :


I also noticed this behavior and did some digging

  1. The web element needs to be high dpi aware to scale correctly (
  2. The weird thing is that runbox actually does this (see - so it should definitely work
  3. I queried window.devicePixelRatio and it is one on my screen (despite windows being set to 2.5) - so runbox is behaving correctly
  4. I had a hunch and turned of privacy.resistFingerprinting - this is a Firefox setting that makes it harder for websites to track you, but sometimes leads to collateral damage

Result: Without resistFingerprinting, Runbox 7 is no longer blurry

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