Broken UTF-8 coding / separate email window

Hi, I’ve started using Runbox recently and have two points to raise:

  • there seems to be an issue with UTF-8 coding. My name includes a special character and when I send an email through webmail, there is a strange sign instead in “From” field at the recipient;
  • right now there is no option to open an email from Inbox in a separate window/fullscreen. Is this going to be introduced?


Hello @Buhaj47 and welcome to the forum!

  1. We are working on a new Identities screen for Runbox 7 for configuration of (among other things) From fields, and we will take extra care to handle special characters correctly.
  2. We have an existing Github issue for this here:
    Feel free to add further comments there. :slight_smile:

– Geir