[BUG] Contact information "birthday date" not being synced correctly

Hi RB7 beta testers,

I already adressed this issue via support ticket #LEQ-543-63892 in May 2021, but as it is still not working for me, I wanted to ask the community if you also encounter the following problem using contacts in RB7 in combination with DAVx5 app for syncing contacts.

In case I maintain a birthday date (format: YYYY-MM-DD) in RB7 web interface it is visible in the web interface after saving the contact. I can also check https://dav.runbox.com/ to see if the birthday information was stored correctly in the cardDAV backend. Downloading and checking the vcf from backend shows me that the information is stored correctly and visible.

Exactly this birthday information does not get synchronized to my contact list on my mobile device using DAVx5 app - it will simply be ignored. If I add a birthday date to an existing contact on my mobile phone, it does get synchronized back and is also visible in RB7 web interface and cardDAV backend. So the sync for the field “birthday” only works in one direction.

If I additionally maintain other information like email or phone numbers for a contact in the web interface after updating the birthday date on the mobile phone, everything is in syn as long as you do not touch the field “birthday” again in the RB7 web interface. Because if the birtday date is changed in the RB7 web interface again the synchronization to the mobile phone does again not work properly again and will even erase any already stored birtday data information in the corresponding field on the mobile device, despite it is still there in cardDAV backend and visible in RB7 web interface.

So, to be clear: if I add the birthday date 2021-04-30 to a contact in RB7 web interface, which does not get synchronized to my contact list on the mobile phone, I can do this on the mobile phone (problem in general solved but is only a workaround to be in sync again). If I add a different birthday date like 2021-05-01 on my mobile phone, this one will be synchronized too and is visible in RB7 contact interface, but you should never touch this birthday field again in RB7 web interface, because it will not be synced to your mobile phone.

For synchronization I am using DAVx app for Android on my OnePlus 8T with Android 11 (Oxygen OS As everything else is syncing correctly, this seems to be a sync issue caused by the RB7 web interface.

Anyone else facing these issues?

Update from my side and I think I found the root cause.

When creating a new contact using my mobile device the vcf is storing the birthday information differently than after changing the birthday to 2021-09-14 using the web interface:

Seems like the web interface of RB7 is adding the additional parameter “VALUE=text” for field “BDAY” that is causing the syncing problems. This seems to be noise that should be deleted in order to make it work correctly.

Can you please fix that?

Thanks for letting us know about this and for providing such a lot of detail which is always useful in these cases. Would you like to create an issue for this at https://github.com/runbox/runbox7 or would you prefer us to do that for you using the text of your original message here and can we include your graphics if we do this on your behalf?

@sawonym Welcome to the community and thanks for the detailed bug reports and feature requests!

They are much appreciated and we will do our best to resolve them in a timely manner. :slight_smile:

– Geir

Hi @Dave, as I do not have a Github account yet I would highly appreciate if you can create an issue for my initial request. Feel free to copy and paste all of that information.

For the future I understood that it is recommended to create a Github issue instead of posting a request in this forum?

Thanks a lot for your effort!