Bug (must be 15 characters long)

I deleted one email in Runbox 7, this vent to Trash.
Opened the iOS12 Apple Mail (IMAP) and the deleted mail is in Inbox, then opened the Trash in the same app, the deleted mail is downloaded to Trash, went back to Inbox, the deleted mail is still there. So now the same email is both in Inbox and Trash, in Rbox7 only in trash.

Way back in years when the DB2 was (and still is) the king a very useful motto was: Never touch a running system…

BTW: why on earth the title must be 15 characters long???

Sorry about there being no reply to this much earlier.

We’ve made many improvements in Runbox 7 since you posted this, but if you are seeing the same behaviour now please let us know.

Regarding the titles of topics in the forum, it’s to make it harder for spam bots to post messages. I’ve reduced the limit to 10 now though and might reduce it further.

Hello Dave,
I checked the initially described bug and I can report that is gone.