Bulk move/ delete of thousands of emails via webmail?

What is the optimal way to bulk move emails (thousands) from one folder to another?

I have thousands of emails in my inbox that I would like to move into an archive folder.

The web GUI allows you to select all, but only appears to select those that have been cached/loaded on the page.

The only other viable alternative I can think of is to use an email client to download all emails and perform the operation. I was hoping to avoid this step though. Is there a way?

Hello. I’ve moved your message to the Runbox 7 category as it sounded like you were talking about that when you mentioned the “cached/loaded” messages. Is that correct?

We are aware that there could be better ways to manage mail in both the older and new webmail options we have. You can only move those that are displayed on the screen at the moment, and that has been mentioned a few times. We are looking at ways of doing this better.

In the meantime if you need to move thousands of messages then the simplest methods is an IMAP email client as you say.

Thanks Dave.

I was loathe to try Thunderbird or Outlook again as I had 10k messages to move and I remember them being a bit of a pain. I ended up finding a fantastic python module https://github.com/ikvk/imap_tools which, with a handful of lines of code, let me bulk move thousands of items from one folder to another.