Buttons to stop and start indexing

Hi, I’m new to this so may have missed something obvious.
The Webmail 7 New Features article says in the section on Account Index,

“To stop index synchronization and delete the account index from your device, click “Stop index synchronization” at the bottom of the folder pane.
If you previously selected to not synchronize the account index with your device, you can click “Synchronize index” at the bottom of the folder pane.”

I can’t find “Stop index synchronization” at the bottom of the folder pane. (I’ve tried various browsers - the appearance is the same on all of them, so I don’t think it’s a browser issue.)
Are the buttons missing, or am I looking in the wrong place?

Hi Jeremy,

The link is at the bottom of the folder column. See below:


That screenshot was from our demo account using Firefox. Do you not see that in your browser?

Dave, thanks for the reply.

At first, I still couldn’t see start/stop links on any browser. I then noticed that there is a message at the top of the message pane, “Synchronizing account index”. The synchronising seems to get stuck - for instance, on Firefox the completion bar stops about 3/4 of the way across the sreen; on Edge the bar goes right across but the “Synchronizing account index” message is still there.

If I then hit the Refresh button on either of these browsers, the “Synchronizing account index” message disappears, replaced by a search field, and a link appears at the bottom of the folder column, “Synchronise index”. Does this mean the index synchronization has not completed? (… There is still no “Stop index synchronization” link, which leads me to suspect the synchronization hasn’t completed.)

Yes, it does sound like something isn’t quite right there. I’ll as someone to check the indexing on your account.

We’ve had a chat about this, and we would like you to try deleting any index that has already downloaded. You can do this in the browser history setting by choosing to delete “offline data”. It might be called something slightly different in some browsers, but it isn’t cookies or the cache but, actual offline data.

e.g. in Firefox this is listed along with other things you can clear when choosing “Clear Recent History”.

As requested, I’ve tried deleting the offline data in both Firefox and Edge - both with Runbox 7 open and when closing/restarting the browsers. I’m afraid it hasn’t made any difference; the indexing symptoms are still the same.

I’ve just stumbled on something. Using Firefox, when the index synchronization stuck, as before, I selected the empty “Drafts” folder instead of Inbox, refreshed the browser page to interrupt the stuck synchronization, and then hit the “Synchronize index” link … it worked! It now seems to be working as intended with both the “Stop synchronizing” and “Synchronise” links appearing when they should.
Incidentally, I’ve not had the same success with Edge. When I try the same thing, I get a “404 page not found” error when I hit refresh - but I’m not so concerned since I don’t normally use Edge (I just tried it for Runbox 7 to see if I got the same problem in both Firefox and Edge). You will probably want it to work with Edge too, I guess!

Unfortunately this problem came back last month. I left it a while to see if it cleared with new releases of Webmail 7, but it’s still there. Synchronisation never completes. The indicator bar sometimes stops at various points, or sometimes goes all the way across and then sticks. The search box appears on browser refresh, but the button at the bottom of the folder list is then “Synchronize Index”. The problem occurs on all browsers (Windows 10 Firefox and Edge; Android Firefox and Samsung Internet), so it appears not to be anything to do with offline site data or other settings on one particular browser. Because the syncing never completes, I never see the “Stop Index Synchronization” button - either the sync progress bar is visibile at the top (and therefore there is no sync button in the folder pane) or, after site refresh, the “Synchrnonize Index” button appears in the folder panel.

We have added a lot of fixes for indexing issues. Do you still see the problem today?

Jeremy.L: A very large number of messages will cause the synchronization to take longer, but it shouldn’t stop completely.

Which Runbox 7 build are you running (see bottom left corner of the app), and have you tried to force a reload in your browser (Ctrl + F5 on Windows, Cmd + R on macOS)?

– Geir

Kim, sorry for delay. Yes, I still see the problem I’m afraid in spite of the recent fixes you mention.

Geir, version info as of now is:

Runbox 7 build time: 2018-11-26T14:42:49.176Z

I have tried reloading the various browsers when the indexing stalls. In Firefox I have also tried clearing Offline Website Data and cache, then restarting the browser - nothing seems to work, the indexing still sticks after initially progressing. I’ve tried leaving it for many minutes and it definitely isn’t completing.
As before, when I do reload the browser, the “Synchronize Index” button appears below the folder list. When I hit this button the indexing starts again for several seconds and then sticks once again (with no index button of any sort below the folder list) until I reload the browser yet again - then the whole cycle repeats.
By the way, while the indexing progress bar is moving, on Win 10 I see Firefox using 15-20% CPU on my i7 laptop, but as soon as the progress bar stops and doesn’t move even after several minutes (which I’m assuming indicates a stuck indexing operation) the Firefox CPU drops to ~1%, It stays there until I start another operation, which seems to show that nothing much is happening.

Please note the problem applies consistently across Windows 10 (laptop) and Android (phone), so doesn’t this seem to point to an issue with my online email store rather than any particular browser instance?

  • Jeremy