Calendar display improvements

The event creation form has seen some great improvements recently. There are few small things that would make its usability better:

  • The modal window with the form renders correct on a mobile, but very small on a computer screen. The screen modal should get bigger on a computer.
  • On a mobile it would be better if it could occupy the whole screen width.
  • When a start date+time are set, the end date does not follow; at least the end date should not get past the start date. On many other platforms/clients it does and i like it. I understand the arguments against such behaviour
  • On mobile, “all day event” check-box should fit on the same line as “modify all occurrences”.
  • “Occurrences” should have a double C.
  • The calendar header has too much contents that does not fit on a mobile phone screen: menu button, prev and next buttons and the range in the middle; they overlap and extend past the screen width:
    • the range should not contain the year for this year and we would live with it for the previous and next year (where we are very unlikely to get on a mobile anyway); this should make that header fit,
  • Still on a mobile, the dates row in the month and week views needs to get compacted:
    • (default) week view: the month name in that row is a surplus as it already appears in the header; imho only the date number and the day short name (Thu) should be enough,
    • month view: on a mobile the full day names are too long and they render as a bunch of ellipsis. Instead, short names should be used.
  • The date display is in the format “3/23/2021 8:30 PM”, the date selection is in “20:30”.
  • I would really like to see the possibility that the user selects his preferred date and time format. For display and date setting in the form, for display in the calendar. I’m European and despite the 10 years of work in an American company the mm/dd/yyyy date format still confuses me every day. This is because every time i read a date, i need to remember the context. This makes me like the unambiguous 2021-03-04 (as opposed to 03/04/2021 in the US, 04/03/2021 in [some] European countries, and surely other possibilities elsewhere around the world).

Screenshots (taken in Firefox on a recent mobile phone with a 720 x 1280 pixels screen) illustrating the above are attached below:

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Thank you for the improvements.
I’d say the possibility of inviting someone to an event via the web interface is a very important meeting. do you tthink you can make it a priority?