Calendar Import Event not working


Good morning,

sorry to be a pain, but I am facing another issue, when I click on “Import Event” nothing happen.

I also believe some else already mentioned that the calendar notification are not coming in the mail box.

Firefox on Win10 and Ubuntu

Thank you

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Hi Max, thanks for reaching out!

Import is indeed not working yet, but the good news is that it’s already implemented and awaiting review and some more testing. There’s been a few issues I’ve found with it while importing/exporting events from other calendars, and fixes to those are quite related to recurring event support, so there’s a good chance that those two features will come together in the near future, probably somewhen this week.

And you’re not being a pain – please keep pointing out the things that are missing or broken :­)

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Hi Max,
Import should be working now, let me know if everything’s in order :­)


Thank you, I see also the Comment and Recurrence have been implemented.

I have tried to upload an event with .ics file

After I select the file It opens a white window with an arrow on the left like if there is a drop down menu but nothing is there and stuck. When I click cancel it get an “Internal Server Error” window.


Yeah, that sounds broken :­/ It should look somewhat like this:


It could be that the importer saw something that confused it very much in your .ics and it caused the import window to not load properly. Would it be possible for you to send me the .ics (anonymized if need be, it’s just text inside) to so I that I can check it out locally?


Hi !

Is there any news regarding the calendar import ?
I just tried: I do have the dialog box showed in previous post, but get this message:

the .ics I tried to import is a full export of my previous calendar (not hosted on runbox), approx 1MB

Calendar import / caldav sync?

HI I sent my file to be checked only last week, I was busy, and waiting a reply




I looked at the ICS you sent me and figured out the problems with it – one was a bug in Runbox 7 (which I fixed now and should be released somewhen next week) which was what made your dialog box show up without the calendars to choose from etc. But even with that fixed your event doesn’t work yet, I’m afraid – due to being an event announcement (indicated by the METHOD:PUBLISH line) rather than a regular exported event – and the current calendar beta doesn’t support this kind of announcements yet (which I filed as a bug internally).

You may be able to export your calendar/events in a different way and add them then: I works fine for exported Nextcloud calendars, for instance.

@poule may I ask where your existing calendar is exported from? Having checked the logs it seems like its data format is confusing our DAV server somehow.

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Hi @tadzik,
It’s from
I tried earlier with “export” function from and later using an import-export android app.

I cannot tell if one of those generate exotic ics…

Can I help in some way?


I have created a second calendar for tests on with a few dummy events.
Would it be useful to send you an exported ICS from this calendar for examination ?


Thank you I really appreciate the effort.

I will see how I canchange the file format to be able to uploade it



@tedzik Same issue with not being able to import calendar events. The event was from an airline, in Outlook .ics format. It imported to Outlook cleanly.

The airline gave me a choice of a couple of .ics formats. Which ones do you support? How can I attach the file for you to look at?


Hi @telserv, welcome to the forums!

To be honest I’m not sure what kind of different .ics formats they could’ve suggested; is there a chance you could tell me what they called them?

If you could send me the file to look at that would be helpful of course – please email it to me at Thanks!


I have confirmed that you have fixed the problem. The .ics file now imports easily into Runbox7. Thank You.