Calendar - sending event invites with the right email address

Hello everybody.

I am a paying user with a hosted domain with Runbox, and I have an issue with the runbox calendar: I cannot send an invitation with my own domain, as the email is always sent with the address.

I believe I had asked support about it, but never got any conclusive answer.

Can anyone help?

I am using Thunderbird and Google Calendar, with the same outcome.

Carlos Dourado

Hello Carlos. I don’t see a support ticket from you that is specifically about this, so I am not sure what it was we told you that was not “conclusive” but I can look in to it if you contact us through support.

On the specific issue you mention, at the moment it isn’t possible to customise the address as it uses your log in username for invitations. This is causing a number of related issues too. We have an open GitHub ticket you can view at the link below about this, and I’ve added your specific domain related situation to it.

Hopefully we can get this done soon.

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Maybe I thought about it, but did ended up not contacting you guys, so don’t worry about it.
I will check the bug status regularly.
This is currently one of the biggest issues for me, as it is quite visible for everyone that receives an invitation and sometimes people will not recognize the email.