Cancelling a draft...

If i click the trash can to cancel the draft, whether that draft was initiated by a new message or a reply, it brings me to the drafts folder instead of the inbox, or whatever folder i had been in when i clicked reply/new message. The draft folder is also in threaded view? The message subjects are surrounded by a box about 1.5 inches around and shows a one sentence preview. Not sure what mode this is. I cannot seem to get it to view like the inbox. I have a few messages in draft and i guess a few are blank, so the message looks like a square and is out of place. I included a screen cap here.

Personally i don’t like that view and would like the ability of displaying the drafts folder the same way the inbox and other folders display.

The idea of the Draft Desk is described here:

We will continue to make improvements and appreciate your feedback.

  • Geir