Cannot move or delete emails

Is it just me but there are times that RB 7 emails refuse to be deleted or moved.

Once I open an email I then get a preview pane so I have two windows with options. So despite ticking boxes, pressing the delete or folder icon the email does not move. Drag and drop does not seem to work.

I am not sure if I have not pressed a permission somewhere as this should work and sometimes does!! As always I then have to go back to RB6 that remains generally faithfully reliable

Any thoughts


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I keep RB6 in the favorites list to fall back to when 7 does something like that. I have a ticket open on my particular RB7 issue, but haven’t heard any feedback after a week. It’s been over a year since I reported my issue, here, so don’t hold your breath, but be sure to open a ticket.

Well I am glad it is not just me. There are many things I really like about RB7 but it is still very much in the BETA phase so I guess these things are to be expected.

From time to time I have the same issue. I’ve tried dragging emails or moving them through the menu system without success. If I refresh the browser page it will often work. Sometimes, if some time passes it will work. I wish the move message dialog box did not expand all the folders.

I have had this happen too.

Thanks for your messages and for helping improve Runbox 7.

We could use some more details in order to identify the problem:

  1. Are you using the local index when the symptoms occur (check the bottom of the folder list if unsure).
  2. Is there a small “spinner” in the lower right corner of the Runbox 7 window indicating there are background processes running?
  3. If 2, can you check the browser’s developer console for any output being produced while the app is not reacting to user actions?


– Geir

Yes, very BETA. I had to open this email in RB6. Apparently my iteration of RB7 chokes trying to open most HTML messages. g

Yes, I use a recent iPad pro with the latest iOS version and have on numerous occasions just had RB7 completely lock up or partially lock up while managing mail simple tasks. The only remedy is to shut down RB7 and start over. Frustrating

I’m on that train too. I stopped using 7 for this very issue, among others. I came back today just to see what’s going on and still delete didn’t work when I checked off 2 emails. However, I just popped back over to email from here to try deleting from the open email and they were gone. I guess it still works when it wants to. I haven’t been here a year yet but I’ve read other comments that 7 has been in beta longer than that. I guess I’ll keep using 6 for the time being, though I don’t like the drag/drop situation for moving emails to folders. I have over 20 filters set up but some emails I want to read & delete without going into their folder. Sigh…