Cannot reply / forward message with empty subject line


A relatively infrequent issue, but a bug nonetheless:

I received a message with an empty subject line.

When I try to reply, reply-all, or forward the message, nothing happens.

v2018-08-22T06:59:37.683Z on Chrome 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Win7, FF 61.0.2
Reply & reply-all don’t work, but forward does.

I just came across this same issue with a ‘blank’ To field in the received email (as would happen if I were BCC’d on a message). Cannot reply, reply-all, or forward.

2018-12-12T20:18:59.315Z on 2018-12-12T20:18:59.315Z on ChromeOS 71.0.3578.94 (stable)

Reproduced issue with replying to message with empty subject line. Added to

Not able to reproduce issue with replying to BCC’ed email.

– Geir