Cannot save attachments with filenames containing special characters


I reported this problem well over a year ago and it still hasn’t been fixed.

An attachment with a ‘é’ in the filename for instance shows up with a size of 0k and can’t be downloaded/opened.

Why can’t you just change the characters with % and the corresponding unicode value or something like that ?

The only way to save the file that I found is to save the raw message, remove anything above the attachment and do a base64 convert.
Problem is I can’t find the option to show the raw message in runbox6 anymore. I have to switch to runbox7 where the option is available.

Any solution in sight ?


Thanks for your message.

Does this attachment problem occur in Runbox 7 or 6? Could you add a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

I’m unable to reproduce it in either (using a filename containing an é), but Runbox 7 should use proper attachment filenames and I’ve added this issue for it here:

To show the raw message in Runbox 6, click the “View source” icon near the top right corner (or just add &raw=1 to the URL).

– Geir

So I tried to post 3 screenshots:

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2nd screenshot.

So I just noticed after posting that the icons for saving raw messages are simply hidden behind other buttons when the font is too big. I can view them if I change the font size with ctrl+mouse wheel. That’s one problem more or less sorted.

Only the original problem remains now…