Cannot see messages full-screen

I would like to be able to click on a message in my inbox and have it fill the screen in a new window. Instead, it is a 3-step process: 1.) click the preview 2.) change to horizontal preview 3.) click on full height. And even then the left side of the screen is taken up by the folder pane. I would to open a new message in a new window of its own. Thanks.

Hi and thanks for your message.

If you tap the vertical view icon (see image below) after opening a message, you should see the message fill the entire height of the screen – and this preference will be remembered next time you open a message.


– Geir

I cannot see the vertical view icon (image attached) only the horizontal view icon and that only opens about half the screen. Then after that I still have to click the full height. I tried changing to vertical view but it did not remember that and stayed at horizontal. Thanks for your help.