Cannot send any email from new account

Hi, I am new to Runbox. I set up a trial account to evaluate the service. I have my own domain registered elsewhere and have setup SPF and DKIM entries. I have tried to send 4 plain text emails to my outlook and gmail addresses but they bounce back with a 550 error and a notice that I have 5.3 spam points. Also the usage stats in my account show that I have sent 20 emails, even though I have not.
I am not an expert in setting up all this correctly but I need to get away from gmail and make this work and so far it is very frustrating…
Thanks in advance

Hello. Thanks for your message. I think we would need to look at this on an account specific basis. This isn’t usual so we need to find out what is going on here. Could you open a support ticket at please?

I have opened a ticket. Thanks