Cannot send to more than one contact

Hi, I tried to send an email to more than one person in my contacts list but i cannot do it. Could you explain if this is possible yet in 7? If it is, could you help me understand how to do this please.

Hello @Suki60. Do you mean that when using the contacts feature in Runbox 7 you can only select one contact at a time to send a message to?

Hi, yes that's the problem exactly as you describe it.

I go to' contacts', then 'send email to', which gives me a new message page

for that person, but I am unable to add any other names in the ‘to’ field,
if I go back to my contacts list and repeat this steps I simply get a fresh message page.

There is a three-bar button at the top of the compose page, 

but that only brings up some of my aliases,

I appreciate your quick reply,