Can't properly open some HTML emails

It is ironic that one of the emails that never open in 7 is the RB Community Forum Summary. I use Edge and some emails with HTML content just won’t open, such as your Forum Summary email. Some open after a delay that varies. Home Depot emails never open either and I am sure there are many others. I keep a link to RB6 for these emails. I have asked about this before and there have been many updates without any improvement. Such a shame that you can’t fix such a fundamental flaw in your product.

The HTML slow/no loading seems to be getting worse

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Hello @gregstorm. It would be a good idea to open a support ticket about this at so we can look at this issue on an account specific basis. Could you do that please?

Dave, interestingly traffic from Runbox is one of the sources that will not open in RB7. I had to open your email in RB6. I will open a ticket, again. This issue has been kicked around by others in the forum for months. Gregory Engstrom

Thanks @gregstorm I can see your support ticket and I’m going to reply to you now. Thank you.

Had to revert to RB6 to read your email, Dave

Did I mention I use MS Edge?

I’ve added that information to your ticket now. I’ll continue the discussion in the ticket as I can discuss more detail there for privacy reasons.

TY, haven’t forgotten, been on holiday.

Dear all.

Either I have bad luck, or this situation is becoming more and more frequent. 20% of the emails I read in the past minutes, from different senders, lead into blank messages!

I basically find that the runbox web app is becoming ununsable, this should be a priority, rather then developing new features.

Sorry for being so alarming, but even in a beta stage, this should not be happening.

Luckily I use Thunderbird most of the times, but whenever I have to use the web app… oh well :frowning: :pleading_face:

Can’t you do anything about it?

I’ve also noticed a majority of HTML images do not display correctly in Runbox 7, even if options are set to allow in-line images. I really like the direction 7 is going, especially the mobile version (I think the Runbox mobile app is one of the best out there - which is ironic because most review sites mention the lack of an app as a downside of Runbox), but solving the HTML issues really need to be a priority though.