Catch all email - filter rule to send it to a folder?


Is it possible to setup a filter rule to send any mail that doesn’t come into one of my alias accounts, to move it to a catchall folder I created? Ideally I’d like to have it where it is just a general rule to achieve this, and not one that I need to revisit each time I add a new alias, ie: having to maintain all aliases inside the rule(s).

I’m a bit new to this service, and am still getting familiar with it. I like it so far, and fits nicely with my needs as I don’t need a full service hosting provider, just email.


Hello and apologies for the late reply.

This currently isn’t possible via the user interface, but if you contact Runbox Support we may be able to create a custom filter rule directly in your account.

Note however that you wouldn’t be able to modify this rule, and any changes you make to your filters through the user interface would overwrite it.

You might therefore be better off creating a few rules yourself and take the trouble to maintain them as well.

– Geir