Chrome caching issue, I think - emails won't delete

I’m hoping someone has an idea here. I think this is a Chrome cache issue, not a runbox-specific issue, but am not sure.

I cleaned out my history and cookies in Chrome earlier this week. When I logged back into runbox, there were over 300 emails in the inbox. I gave it time to “settle down,” and after about 1/2 hour all the inbox emails went to their appropriate folders. EXCEPT for 4 emails. I seem to be unable to delete those or open them … they just keep appearing in the inbox. This has gone on all week.

The reason I don’t think this is runbox is that runbox on my android app and another computer (same mac iOS - though using Brave browser) are working/syncing properly.

I can try another history/cache clear on Chrome, but given how upset runbox got the last time I’m a little afraid to do it, lol.

Ideas anyone?

Could you check whether “Synchronize index” or “Stop index synchronization” appears at the bottom of your folder list? The index can be buggy and appear out-of-date at times.

It’s a device-specific setting, so its possible that your phone and other computer don’t have it enabled.

Whoever you are – Bless You! This did the trick. :slight_smile: