Column resizing issues

I am still having column resizing issues. Often the subject field is still being truncated. It happens in any folder i go to. Not always, but enough that i notice it. I used to simply click on the folder name a 2nd time and it would fix itself, but now that little trick no longer seems to work. I can manually change the width of the column. If i manually change the width, it seems to “remember” and it will keep that size no matter which folder i then switch to, including going back to the folder where I had initially made that change.

It will also truncate the From field as well. See screen cap 3

If i click refresh on the browser tab, it will reload and my manually resized columns revert back to being truncated again.

I am still on FF56.0.2 Windows 7 Pro. I have no desire to upgrade FF as i lose a lot of my plugins that no longer work or no longer work properly.

Similar situation on FF - when I re-size columns, logout, and log back in, the re-sizing is lost and I have to reset it again.

Thanks for the feedback – we’re discussing alternatives with the developers.

  • Geir

Not sure if this is considered necroing this thread, but I’m having a similar issue - columns reset themselves, and the ‘From’ and ‘Subject’ columns always end up too narrow. When full screen, the columns never adjust to use the extra whitespace on the right. If I manually resize a column, it reverts to the previous position after some time.

I’m using the PWA on a chromebook (Version 70.0.3538.110). I can address the issue by setting the zoom level to 90% but I know that won’t work for everyone. (not to mention the density / cell padding still means it’s got lots of white space and explodes my eyeballs in the dark, but that’s a separate thing)

One option would be to right-align the Size/Attachment/Status columns, and allow the From and Subject to auto size (with their respective ratios) to the remaining space.

Hi and thanks for your message.

Do you have Threaded View enabled when you experience this problem? If so, does the problem go away when you disable this option?

And if not, could you include a screenshot (without any personal details)?

– Geir

Not fixed yet? I’m in the same situation here. When I resize the column width in for example the 3-pane message display, they are not remembered on the next login.

Using Safari 12 on macOS 10.14.2.

I just tried Runbox 7. I will revert to Runbox 6 for several reasons - this is one and is sufficient by itself for me to reject Runbox 7. The subject line is truncated and I cannot find a way to resize the column width (per previous posts, there must be a way)…