Column Width Adjustment

I haven’t found any threads that address my specific question so I thought I’d ask… To check my mail I generally use an iPad Pro (in the landscape orientation) and I see the date column is truncated. Is there perhaps a way to widen the column to show the complete date?

I solve that problem on my PC by using ctrl/- in my browser to reduce the magnification, creating more space for the date column. I think that iPad “zooms” in and out. Does it solve your issue if you zoom out?

Hello. I haven’t tried our interface on an iPad Pro but you can widen columns by holding down the column edge and moving it left or right as the columns widths are customisable. Does that help?

Thank you for your suggestion. I hadn’t done any zooming but I checked zoom anyway and I had not zoomed in. So no help there

Hello Dave tried your suggestion. As it happens making the date column wider didn’t help. The column does get wider but the date information didn’t recenter itself so was still truncated. However took a chance that moving the next column (the title or header) to the right away from the date and some how that allowed the full date information to reveal itself. I will try logging off / on a couple of times to see if it remains fixed. Thank you for the help.
Regards Tom L

Well after a few days of logging off and on it appears that the date/time column has stayed revealed. That’s good! BTW the column I slid to the right was the “from” column. Regards