Column width issues

I have been having column width issues right from the beginning. I would have hoped they would have been resolved by now.

When i first log in, the columns are all messed up. If i click on another folder everything is sort of back to normal except the date received column, which is still mucked up.

Screenshot 1 is what i see as soon as i log in.

Screenshot 2 is what i see once i click on another folder and then back to inbox again.

I am using FF 56.02 x64 Windows 7 pro

@nathaniel I don’t think we’ve been aware of this particular problem until now. I’ll see if I can reproduce this problem in an account as that is the best way we can then address it.

If anyone else is reading this and has similar problems please do let us know as the more feedback we have the easier it is to resolve things.

@nathaniel Can you check that your Firefox is updated to the latest version please, and also that you have reloaded the page and/or cleared the browser cache so that you have the latest version of the Runbox app. I can’t reproduce this problem here, but I also don’t have your exact set up.

I can update a test firefox… but i am not ready to update my FF to the new Quantum engine yet. Too many of my add-ons no longer work or the new updates reduce functionality. I am not ready to give that up just yet. As i run a portable FF, i can clone it and update it to see what happens

I just copied my portable FF and updated it, along with my addons… so now i am on v64 x64… at least for the purposes of testing.

When i log in i still see the columns are not auto sizing. Even switching to another folder and then back again, it does not auto-size. I uploaded a new screen capture.

I tried in Chrome (latest version) and i even tried incognito mode in chrome as it does not load any extensions. It is all showing the same behavior. I thought somehow one of my add-ons is causing it, but even in incognito mode. I am not sure what could be causing this. The only thing left to try is FF in safe mode. See what happens when i try that.

If i knew of a way to record my screen to show you what is going on i would. Is there something else i can try?

I find that trying to adjust column widths with the mouse is very frustrating. I seldom get the symbol with the double arrows to stay long enough to click and drag.

That is one thing i never really had an issue with. but perhaps it is different on a different browser

Well i officially upgraded FF to 64.02 64 bit. The column width issues are still there. So something is not working somewhere and i do not know to fix it. I have been mentioning this problem since the beginning and it has yet to be resolved. I am not sure i cannot be the only one with the issue. It is frustrating because while i can drag the columns to make them bigger, it never remembers the next time i log in.

At the moment the column widths are not remembered between sessions, but it is something we are aware of and can look in to. The other features had had a higher priority recently, but I agree that storing column widths would be very useful.

We are now 5 months later i was wondering if there has been any movement on this? It really is annoying to resize the columns all the time. Considering I have been mentioning this issue since at least December, i am surprised that it has yet to be resolved. Not quite sure how this problem can be so complex as to take so long to deal with.

I am on Windows 7 Ultimate, running Firefox x64 66.0.4

I was wondering too when there will be a permanent solution for this. Would appreciate a possible target date.