Columns contracted and would not resize


Today, after reading a message, the column of messages did not rexpand after I closed the message screen. Dragging the size didn’t help. The messages were still truncated. I had to log out and in to fix problem.

Also–when I read a message the column of messages in the folder either writes over itself or truncates. Ideally, the column should show the full heading.



Hi @barry,

Which browser are you using?

Regarding the first issue: Does the problem go away after reloading the app (instead of logging out and back in)?

Can you provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the second issue?

– Geir



I am using the latest Firefox on OSX 10.14.5

Now there is a new problem with the counter. RS7 show 22 messages in my inbox, all read. In the inbox are 100s of messages dating back months, some unread! Regular runbox has 22 read messages.



Hi @barry,

The number next to the folder in the folder list indicates the amount of unread messages. If it’s not corresponding to the actual unread messages in the list then this may be caused by actions taken via other interfaces which will be reflected when scrolling to those messages in Runbox 7.

– Geir



Whatever the cause, I experience it as a flaw. I can’t recall this ever happening with the current RB.



It’s not clear what the discrepancy here is, or whether it persists. Can you describe it in more detail?

– Geir



My inbox counter showed 17 unread and 41 total messages when I opened RB7 again this morning. The folder has 100s of messages, many unread. The sync counter (which takes time the current RB doesn’t need) said, I think 677 messages. Somehow many old and deleted messages are showing up in RB7.




See screen shot: counter and contents don’t match.



@barry To find out if it’s your local index that is out of sync or if it’s the server, could you try another browser with a fresh download of the server index, and tell if it’s still a mismatch?

this is just to find out if this is a problem that develops locally over time, or if it’s the same on the server too.

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I just checked on Chrome. Folder counts are correct.

Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)


And I just checked on Firefox. Folder counts on at least two are incorrect.

Firefox 68.0.1

for example: Inbox counter says 4 unread 15 total, but the are a lot more messages in the inbox. They date back to March!

I dont know how to tell what index have.



OK so if you delete your local index in Firefox (click “Stop synchronizing”), and download a new fresh (reload the app and click “Start synchronizing” again), is the folder count matching with the message list then?

The problem is probably related to not all message actions ( folder moves, deletions etc ), being updated with “changed_date” timestamp on the server, and then the local index starts diverging over time. I’m considering proposing a mechanism in the app so that a folder is synchronized if the index message count for that folder does not match the server (database) count, in addition to the current proposal which is to offer downloading a fresh index from the server if there’s a lot to catch up on (which also may be the case if the app has not been opened for a while).

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@barry, are you using IMAP alongside Runbox 7? If so, this could explain what @petersalomonsen described and this is something we are working on fixing – aside from the other, extra fixes he mentioned. :slight_smile:

– Geir


Regarding the counters: work in progress here:

it’s possible to test this yourself by setting up a local development environment as described in the project README.